Ricardo Luevanos I first learned about the web in the mid 90's and dabbled with it a bit until one evening, after linking two web pages together, I activated a dormant neuron in my brain that flourished when surrounded by what was new, chaotic, and complex. Been growing that neuron ever since.

A lot of my early work as a developer was in e-commerce. In the mid to late 90's we didn't have the saas options that are available today for online storefronts, payment systems, and online marketing, so I spent a lot of my time building out this kind of functionality myself. Feels archaic compared to the options available nowadays but it gave me the opportunity to architect solutions from scratch. During that time I learned quickly that effectively dealing with change was going to be one of my more valuable skills. Little will be gained by holding tight to specific solutions or technologies.

Towards the later part of the 90's and through the early 2000's I was lucky enough to be exposed to some heavy hitting brands. I did some agency work that allowed me to contribute to early product features within the automotive industry, for popular search engines and portals, and finally for a few bubble-friendly brands that were stopped dead in their tracks in 2002. These were some crazy times but I was allowed to wear many hats, from UI designer, to architect, to developer. Cool side note - I built my first mobile app during this time for the Palm VII, so I was a very early mobile app developer :)

My career continued to bring new, chaotic, and more complex projects. I moved into technical consulting for a while where I did a lot of automation and web work for the real estate management industry. I then moved into gaming and did some really fun software work for gaming infrastructure, HUD's, and backend services. Games are fun, especially if you're already a gamer. It's an industry where you wont get pigeonholed into any specific piece of technology for too long - things just move too fast.

I'm a lucky guy. My entire career was full of opportunities for building teams, mentoring, and for providing the kinds of environments that allow people to do their best work. Few things are more rewarding than that.

Today I'm Director of Engineering at TEN: A Discovery Communications Company. I've been in the media space for nearly six years now and it has been very fulfilling. Media and publishing are industries that have seen a lot of disruption so plenty of change and opportunity going on. Recently we've been doing tons of work with subscription video on demand (SVOD), another one of those tech areas where I'm seeing massive growth and opportunity. Seems like it never ends.

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