About Me

Call Me Rick

I've been writing code and building software since the mid-90s, and while I naturally took to the UI/UX side of things at the start, writing code felt the most creative to me and that's where I focused my career, at least before learning that I had a passion for helping others reach their technical career aspirations, which propelled me into the people side of things.

Now I focus most of my time and energy on learning to build happier and more effective teams and helping others do their best work. I truly love what I do.

Indie Learner

It's a strange thing to say that I am self-taught as no one every truly learns in a vacuum. I've had the pleasure of knowing many great people who I could call mentors. Still, I do my best learning on my own.

Formal education didn't really take for me. I graduated high-school a month late. I tried community college and a trade school for about a semester each but that didn't do much for me. I didn't graduate from college with a Computer Science degree or any other kind of degree.

What I did do is learn how to learn—how I learn. I ruthlessly studied what mattered to me using any and every resource I could find, and I built a love for life-long learning in the process. This approach has paid dividends.

Just Labels

I've had a very fulfilling career so far with tons of great stuff ahead of me. Right now I'm a Director of Engineering at Zwift Inc.

Here are some titles I've held in the past:

As a manager, I had the honor and pleasure of managing Web, Mobile, DevOps, QA, and Backend/Platform teams.

In all cases, I've always done more than what a title might seem to entail, so I've not gotten too hung up on titles. On occasion, folks I've done work for in the past will to this day still call me their Webmaster. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Say Hello

I do enjoy connecting with folks, especially those navigating the software engineering space and trying to catalyze a fulfilling career.

Please connect with me via LinkedIn or Twitter. If you have a question send it my way, I'll do my best to answer.